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We help organizations build a better future


We help organizations build a better future

GEOLAB IS An innovation studio.

We believe the future will be defined by new technologies and disruptive digital business models. We help corporations, startups and organizations harness new technologies to grow 10x and become exponential organizations through our 100-day “Zero to Exponential” digital sprints.

Do you wonder how new technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and blockchain may disrupt your current business? Are you concerned about future competitive threats? Geolab helps you unlock your team’s creativity and mobilize existing resources to build a better future.

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Recent Labs

Recent Labs

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Future of Work Lab

It’s increasingly clear that robotics, automation and AI will make many jobs unnecessary, but how quickly & to what extent? For this social impact lab, we partnered with a major American Think Tank to develop a comprehensive policy road map to train the workforce of the future. Watch recommendations video here, as narrated by NPR host Guy Raz.

Washington DC


Future of Food Lab

The only way to reach food abundance for the planet and feed 9+ billion people by 2050 is by harnessing innovation, new technology and new business models to pursue moonshots for the future of food. For this future of food lab, we partnered with several leading AgTech startups to tackle food scarcity and use new technologies to deliver food abundance. Read highlights here.


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Future Mobility Lab

With the arrival of new technologies like self-driving cars, delivery drones, hyperloops and autonomous air taxis, what will be the impact on our cities and societies? For this mobility lab, we partnered with a major Japanese corporation to explore future mobility concepts and introduced them at the Tokyo Motor Show. Read highlights here.


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Future Energy Lab

As the world’s population becomes increasingly urbanized, we need new energy sources to power global connectivity cheaply and abundantly. For this energy lab, we partnered with several leading European & American energy companies to develop strategies for 2030.

Silicon Valley